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Video Article: 7 Ways to Rev Up Your Revenue

Are you a business owner? Do you want to rev up your revenue?
If you said “yes” to the first question, the second question is merely rhetorical. Come on, everyone likes more revenue. Well, here’s your chance to check out seven great tips on how to improve your revenue.

And now time for something completely different:

People who have the absolute right idea!

So, let’s say you are trying to make a sale, you know, close the deal… and your customer is obviously interested in the product, but the customer still seems a little inclined to shop around a bit, and doesn’t want to make the sale just yet.

Well, these techniques might be just what you need to give him that final push and turn that “maybe” into a sturdy “can you ring this up for me?”

Some pretty neat techniques include:

Distraction Close - Wait for them to get distracted, then push for the sale when they just aren’t thinking straight.

Yes-Set close - Turn them into yes-men; ask them questions that get them saying yes. Then, when you finally ask for the sale, they are more likely to say yes.

Ownership Close - Act like they already own the product, make them feel empty without it.

Now you are probably thinking that a lot of these techniques require a lot of charisma. Maybe you speak English as a second language, maybe you are just shy. No matter, there are some great techniques that can help without all the hoopla and charismatic flim-flam that a more attractive salesperson may have. Take for instance:

The Calculator Close  - Start with the marked sticker price, then pull out a calculator, preferably a large one with just the basic functions on it, and type away, while muttering your possible discounts and bonuses. Then show the customer the final price, after all your calculator work. This makes the customer feel like he or she is receiving a special discount designed exclusively for him or her.

Anyway, if you think these 4 tips were useful, read the article posted, which has many more tips that are just as powerful and effective in making sales.

As usual, if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. We love to hear from other business owners.

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